• Prawn PDF Bookworm

    PrawnPDF Bookworm is simple application for PDF Reader user that want to read easily and efficiently. PrawnPDF Bookworm is application that combine conventional PDF Reader with light weighting library that manage your PDF file with simple step.

  • XStentor Meter

    XStentor Meter is Tools for monitoring your network traffic. You can monitor how much you download data or upload data using your internet or over LAN.

  • XMahameru Video Rent

    XMahameru Video Rent is Desktop Application for managing your business on video rental. This application has complete feature and you will happy using this software

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We NIUX Team (Neonix Infomedia Utama X Team) are trusted software provider that will offer the best solution to your need and problem in personal, business or corporate use. we will provide software with new technology, new specification, new platform and support with latest operating system that will benefit for users if users want to upgrade their operating system. we are the team consist of experts from known majors of Information technology, there are Computer Internetworking, GIS, VOIP, and Intellegent Business System.

Our Team have several projects start from Open Source , Freeware and Propietary Software. Some software has finished and we already release its to public, and some software are in progress.


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